Sidewalk Art Last Year Winners

Post date: Apr 14, 2016 2:48:38 PM

High School Winners,

First Place

Dragonball Z-Goku-Rowdy Abeyta, Israel Garcia and Will McCurley

Second Place (Tie),

Patriotic Eagle-Riley Coop and Drew Cowen

Skull and Headdress-Destiny Short, Dawson Lowery and Gabbi Dowling,

Third Place (Tie),

Comedy and Tragedy-Tiffany Carr, Koval Willhoite, Shekina Gilliam and Lexi Bitsche,

Colorful Eagle-Chloe Rains, Kiala Tuaila and Blair Brown,

Junior High Winners,

First Place,

Angel-Katie Long,

Second Place (Tie),

Magnified Flower-Grace Young, Fayth Laughlin, Paige Pendley, Sydney Johnson and Brooklyn Rackley,

Let Go" Tagger-Colten Camp, Albert Suarez, Brett Price and Jake Toahty,

Third Place,

Lego Superman-Kaydie Bill,