Senior Night Interviews!

Post date: Jan 12, 2016 3:39:52 PM

Rowdy Abeyta by Koval Willhoite

What's you best memory in high school basketball? Playing his last year with his friends!

Do you like ice cream? Yes

What kind? Oreo

Do you miss football? Yes he does

Do you have socks on right now? Yeah

What's your favorite movie? Just go with it

Do you like watching the thunder? Yes

Do you like watching the NFL ? Yeah

Do you like Mac and cheese? No

Who's your favorite college team? OU

- interviewed by Koval

Tanner Ream by Koval Willhoite

What's your fav song? Mockingbird by Eminem

Do you like chocolate? Yes

Do you eat broccoli? Yes

Do you like the Indiana Pacers? Sure

Do you have a favorite NBA player?

Kevin Durant

-Interviewed by Koval

Hannah Stafford by Drew Cowen

Hannah Stafford- Her plans for college is to attend Cameron University and become a Veterinarian. Her favorite Basketball memory is winning a game freshman year by taking a charge but also getting a concussion.

Riley Morrow

Senior Basketball Player - Riley Morrow

Interview by Brandon Short

    1. Greatest memory in basketball? Throwing lobs to River.

    2. Have you always gone to Cyril? Yeah since Pre-K.

    3. Do you play any other sports besides basketball? Run track.

    4. Do you enjoy school lunches? No I bring my own.

    5. If you won the lottery what would you do? Drop out of school.

    6. Do you have any big plans for yourself after you graduate? Get rich or die tryin.

    7. Do you prefer chocolate or white milk? Chocolate.

  1. Do you enjoy going to school? No absolutely not.

Keylan Young by Shekinah Gilliam

Keylan Young, 17

How have you changed since your freshman year? My freshman year was the busiest year and I always got "to busy" to make memories with my team. Now i wish I would've always made time to go and do things with them.

What did you gain from playing basketball in high school? I've learned to not take special times for granted because they don't last for forever!! Make the most of every moment!

What is your favorite basketball memory?Playing basketball with the same group of girls since I was five.

What is your future plans? Go to college at UCO get my BSN and become a RN. Get married and have a family.