Kiowa's Journey

Post date: Feb 16, 2016 3:15:26 PM

Kiowa's journey all started on Saturday Jan. 16th after we played in the Lawton Coliseum. The whole team loaded up in the bus and headed to Burger King to get something to eat.

But after they got something to eat the unexpected happened, the bus was pulled over and told that they had left a player behind. That player was Shooting Guard #10 Kiowa Tahmahkera.

He had actually been left behind at Burger King while refilling his drink. While refilling his drink he noticed the bus pulling away, so he ran out the door and chased them through the middle of Lawton.

Kiowa said he got tired after running about a block and stopped to get a drink of his freshly refilled Dr. Pepper. It was at that time he noticed a cop sitting in front of an auto parts store, so he approached the cop car and told him what had happened.

So the cop radioed for another cop to pull the bus over and make them come back to get their player. But fortunately enough Kiowa was back on the bus headed home only shortly after being left behind.

Then only a week later would go on to score 5 points in approximately 20 seconds in the consolation game of the Caddo County Tournament.