HS Basketball VS Sterling: Monica Cooper Play by Play

Post date: Feb 03, 2016 3:26:20 PM


Cyril girls ahead 9 to 0 532 in first quarter

2 min left first quarter 16 to 1

Kea leads scoring 8 pt

25 to 1

Kea hit two threes lead scorer 13 pts paige 8 ptss

36 to 3 545 left in first half

Half time paige has three fouls

Half time score 50 to 13

Fayth has 10 pts shekinah 5 kea 18 paige 17

Kea has 3 threes shekinah 1

Relaxing half time

53 to 15 4 min left in third

Your pretty good at this! :)

With score book

61 to 21 end of third

Shekinah hit two 3s

Fourth quarter keylan, grace, valorie, sydney, bethany starting it

428 on clock 63 to 23

235 left 63 to 27

Referee john cooksey honor between games. Retiring started i,n 1976. Referred last six on six game in nation

He starts cancer treatment next week

That's pretty cool.

His license is three digits one of first issued. Most now are five digits

He didnt know both his sons were going to be here and ref with him. They were in on surprise presentation

We'll have to post something about that!

What was the final?

66 to 27

His name is john cooksey, his sons who are also refs are chris and brad cooksey

Scoring fayth 10 drew 3 shekinah 13 kea 18 paige 17 sydney 4 grace 1

End score 66 to 27

Boys game sterling got jump with 6 8 starter. Cyril ahead 10 to 2 jake and cason each hit a three. Sterling timeout

319 keft in first 10 to 7. Cyril timeout

14 to 9 one min left

Koval hit a three 17 to 9

End of first 17 11

Logan koval rowdy jake riley daykencason all saw time on court

Hitting a three dayken jake koval and cason on each

Starting second quarter albert cason koval logan dayken

Refs called time albert lost a shoe

Tied game 21 each

23 tied again

Three min left to half

Dayken riley two each for four pt lead

Their 24 hit three one pt lead

Sterling stalling time

3.9 on clock dayken fouls

Half 27 to 26 one pt lead

Scoring at half dayken 7 pts has 2 fouls albert 1 fouls, riley 4 pts, jake 3 pts, koval 3 pts, cason 9 pts, logan 1 foul, rowdy 2 pts.

Their 24 quickle has 12 pts leads theirs

Third quarter starts jake hits two

Riley hits two steals ball jake hits three 34 to 28

Riley another steal and layup

Dayken rebounds and we get fouled

38 to 28 cason fouls

Sterling slowing game down and trying to.

Slow game they scored 40 to 35

6 ft 8 blocks dayken three shot and steals

Cason on free throw line makes first

And second 42 to 36

Cason hits a threè

And anotherx!!!!

12 lead

Rowdy fouls. They are shooting free

End of third 48 to 39

My phone doesnt do internet

Cason fouls for charging

Riley 2 they counter with 2

430 left 52 to 47 us

Sterling fouls and then steals

Stepping on toes and tripping lots of sterling fouls. Coach calls timeout

We have only scored 4 pts this quarter. 6 fouls each team

Steal and score by albert 55 to 47. Sterling shooting free shots


107 timeout sterling 55 to 48

40 zssec dayken at line made firsst

And second 59 to 50

26 sec cason at line made first

17.6 sec riley fouls

60 to 54 win

Albert 6 dayken 12 riley 11 jake 8 koval 3 cason 19 rowdy 2

Hitting cason 3 jake 2 dayken 1 koval 1

Thank you! That was cool!!