Homecoming Picture Times -Mrs. Hart

Post date: Sep 17, 2015 8:17:4 PM

Homecoming Picture Times

You need to be at the Randy and Tammy Cocheran residence at the time given below to get your picture made.

7th Grade Personalities – 8:30

Best Leader Josh Thompson & Carstyn Webb

Most Honorable Ryker Salyer & Ireland Fowler

Most Athletic Hunter Abeyta & Gabby Row

Most Artistic Hunter Abeyta & Hannah Cocheran

Annual King & Queen Candidate Ryker Salyer & Carstyn Webb

8th Grade Personalities – 8:55

Most Friendly Christian Patterson & Carlie Morton

Most Mischievous Kyle Cowen & Kaylen Willhoite

Most Shy Rocky Mehringer & Hannah Lankister

Best Smile JaKobie Kaesemeyer & Ashley Smith

Annual King & Queen Candidate Derek Redden & Ashley Smith

Freshman Personalities – 9:20

Most Creative Tyler Jurey & Sydney Johnson

Most Courteous Tyler Jurey & Sydney Johnson

Most Optimistic Eli Barger & Rachyl Carlson

Best Sense of Humor Dayken Rackley & Fayth Laughlin

Annual King & Queen Candidate Dayken Rackley & Grace Young

Sophomore Personalities – 9:45

Most Ambitious Josh Garza & Chloe Rains

Most Fun Jake Toahty & Valorie Smith

Best Personality Devin Missey & Blair Brown

Most Flirtatious Devin Missey & Lexi Bitsche

Annual King & Queen Candidate Josh Garza & Valorie Smith

Junior Personalities – 10:10

Class Clown Koval Willhoite & Cheyenne Ream

Best Dressed Dawson Lowery & Drew Cowen

Most Talented Koval Willhoite & Cheyenne Ream

Best All Around Dawson Lowery & Destiny Short

Annual King & Quenn Candidate Dawson Lowery & Destiny Short

Senior Personalities – 10:35

Most Likely to Succeed Riley Morrow & Hannah Stafford

Most Respected Riley Morrow & Hannah Stafford

Best Role Model Jayden Redden & Hannah Stafford

Most Dependable Riley Morrow & Keylan Young

Most Involved Rowdy Abeyta & Kasey Mathias

Best Attitude John Caudill & Hannah Stafford

Annual King & Queen Candidate Jayden Redden & Hannah Stafford

Mr & Miss CHS & Attendants – 11:00

Rowdy Abeyta & Hannah Stafford

Jayden Redden & Kendall Jackson

Logan Johnson & Kasey Mathias

7th Grade Homecoming Candidate – 11:15 – Carstyn Webb & Escort

8th Grade Homecoming Candidate – 11:20 – Ashley Smith & Escort

9th Grade Homecoming Candidate – 11:25 – Fayth Laughlin & Escort

10th Grade Homecoming Candidate – 11:30 – Valorie Smith & Escort

11th Grade Homecoming Candidate – 11:35 – Shekinah Gilliam & Escort

12th Grade Homecoming Candidate – 11:40 –Kendall Jackson & Escort

My phone number: 580-704-7220

Directions: Head East toward Cement and take the second left to turn into her drive way. There is a metal sign above the entrance that says Cocheran’s.

If you do not have a ride, let me know and I will pick you up at the school.

-Mrs. Hart