Art of the Sidewalk Winners

Post date: May 14, 2015 4:46:42 AM

Great work! Some of you learned a lot participating in Montmartre at USAO and I hope you will return next year. I will contact you when your certificates and cash awards are ready.

Amount per team is: $75 1st, $50 2nd and $25 3rd. I'm proud of your patience starting late, attention to detail and positive attitude. The teachers, staff and elementary students were really impressed with your talent. I'll quote the first graders by saying, "WWWWOOOOOOOW!!!".

Junior High Winners:

Third Place: Lego Superman-Kaydie Bill

Second Place (Tie): "Let Go" Tagger-Colten Camp, Albert Suarez, Brett Price and Jake Toahty ALSO Magnified Flower-Grace Young, Fayth Laughlin, Paige Pendley, Sydney Johnson and Brooklyn Rackley

First Place: Angel-Katie Long

High School Winners:

Third Place (Tie): Colorful Eagle-Chloe Rains, Kiala Tuaila and Blair Brown ALSO Comedy and Tragedy-Tiffany Carr, Koval Willhoite, Shekina Gilliam and Lexi Bitsche

Second Place (Tie): Skull and Headdress-Destiny Short, Dawson Lowery and Gabbi Dowling ALSO Patriotic Eagle-Riley Coop and Drew Cowen

First Place: Dragonball Z-Goku-Rowdy Abeyta, Israel Garcia and Will McCurley

It was a fun day and I look forward to next year.

Ms. Wake