2014-2015 Art Awards

Post date: May 18, 2015 6:31:13 PM

5th Grade: Top Girl Averages and 100 Percent Averages: Sabrina Ream and Aleena Waga

Top Boy Average: Justin Wiersema

Most Artwork: Carlos Castro

Dojo Points: Delsin Paukei

6th Grade: Top Girl Average: Jayden Webb

Top Boy Average: Hunter Abeyta

Most Improved: Kelsey Coop

Dojo Points: Hailee Brown

High School Art I:

Excellence in Art I: Chloe Rains

Sketchbook: DJ Dever

Most Extra Credit: Tiffany Carr

High School Art II:

Excellence in Art II:

Gabbi Dowling

Israel Garcia

Michael Morton

Oklahoma Keep Our Land Grand- 24th Annual Trash Poster Contest

Caddo County Winners:

1st Place K-2nd: Talan Reynolds

1st Place 6th-8th: Gabby Row

Honorable Mention 6th-8th: Ireland Fowler

9th-12th Grades:

2nd Place: Gabbi Dowling

3rd Place: Kiala Tuaila

Honorable Mention: Chloe Rains