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-From Coach Knight:  
Dylan Hood just solidified 2nd place in the 198 weight division!  
The kid is a beast!!  
25 schools with 5A & 6A schools and he had to beat every team.  

Brendan got second in his division too, thanks to a 250 pound deadlift.  

Eli got 4th and metaled out of 20 kids.

Brent tried for fifth place but didn't due to a tie breaker.

-Coach Knight

HS Powerlifting at Temple Jan. 22, 2016

16 JH Powelifting

Team Picture




Isaac Darryberry

Dylan Hood

Hunter Brown

Elijah Robertson

Brent Smith

Brenden Hajj


Bradley Claborn

Brandon Short

Dawson Lowery
William McCurley
Issac Derryberry
Josh Garza
Josh Ralls
Titan Abeyta


Feb 5th HS Anadarko

Feb 7th HS-Temple ( man state)

March 4th- Anadarko(11 man regional)

Dylan Hood, Brendan Hajj, and Isaac Derryberry all 3 placed 3rd in their 

division with over 20 schools competing.

Printable Schedule

Curated by Tiffany Carr 2016