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HS-JH Online Enrollment 2020-21 (Grades 7-12)

You may also pickup a packet at the high school office. 

(By Travis Carlson)

1. Download this document to your device: Enroll hs Final.pdf
2. Open the document.
3. Click on this link.
4. Follow the instructions to fill out the pdf. 
     Click on "Free Online".
     Click on "Upload pdf from pdfescape".
     Click on "Choose File".
     Choose "Enroll hs Final" from the list.
     It will open a fillable form.
     Fill out the form by clicking on each blue box and typing.
5. When you finish all the boxes, click on the "Save and Download" icon on the far left screen. (It is a green box with arrows.)
6. Save it with a new name, using your child's name and grade. (For example: JohnDoe10th).
7. Open your email. Send the file as an attachment to this email address:
         enrollhs@cyrilschools.org  Subject line should be your students' names.
8. You have to make a new file for each child. But you can send more than one file at a time to the email address.

Then select your preferred classes here: