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Online Resources

Online Resources for Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
1. UPDATED: Online resources to help parents amuse/educate their kids lots of fun activities and links to additional resources (LOTS)
2. Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020 - YouTube -In case this is one way your child's teacher is giving assignments
3. Edmentum Support 2020 | Edmentum "Study Island" 
4. Learning at Home -OETA link to info
6. Epic! - Books for Kids very cool online library you can select grade and AR level! Lots of great books! 
9. www.amazingeducationalresources.com **** THIS ONE IS A HUGE LIST WITH LINKS READY TO GO***
* I have a list of a TON more but couldn't list it all here. Let me know if you want a copy I"ll be happy to email it to you!